OTRS 2.0.1 (Klong Jark Beach) Released!

Stefan Rother <Stefan.Rother at otrs.de>
Mon Aug 1 16:51:47 CEST 2005


after five years of heavy testing, developing and debugging we are proud
to release OTRS 2.0. A big step after the successful OTRS 1.x series.

The codename of the new OTRS 2.0 release is “Klong Jark Beach”.
Klong Jark Beach is a heavenly beach in the north of the small island
Koh Lanta (Thailand).

OTRS is a trouble ticket system with many new features to manage
both customer and employee enquiries. OTRS helps you to manage
your support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk, etc.
departments to react quickly to inbound inquiries via a userfriendly

New OTRS 2.0 Key Features:

o WorkingTime feature for ticket time calculations support
o PGP feature for email support
o SMIME feature for email support
o Role feature for large setups
o Ticket ACL support
o TicketHookDivider – the divider between TicketHook# and number
o Ticket Merge support
o No escalation group feature
o added ticket free time feature

and many other new features

o moved to a web application framework
o database xml interface (driver based to support different
o Link support for objects link tickets, FAQs, …
o OTRS web package manager (to install applications like calendar or
o added new admin web gui for Kernel/Config.pm
o improved stats framework to send stats and to write stats in the
o fcgi support
o added new db2 support (experimental) – thanks to Friedmar Moch!
o improved webinstaller
o new html access keys (alt+)
h = home
l = logout
o = overview
n = new
s = search
p = preferences
a = admin interface
t = ticket interface
f = faq interface
g = formular submit

o = queue view
n = phone ticket
e = email ticket
k = locked ticket list
m = new messages in locked ticket list

and many other new features

Major Changes:
o navigation bar will be generated based on the module registration
o consistent use of the dtl/html block feature
o improved design of the webinterface
o new implemented css support
o split of the default Kernel/Config/Defaults.pm into
Kernel/Config/Files/*.pm (Kernel/Config.pm is still the private
config file)
o foreign-keys for database schema
o new ticket event handler layer

and many other new features

Please have a look at the complete list of changes:


The OTRS 2.0.1 is available from the following location:

ftp://ftp.otrs.org/pub/otrs/ (Germany/Hamburg)

(a full list of all download mirrors (ftp/http/rsync) is available at


MD5 sums for the packages are as follows:
d665c65cd232f33401aa3cd40a5ab119 RPMS/suse/7.3/otrs-2.0.1-01.i386.rpm
9f4798f27ab1616b0235734b655aa3be RPMS/suse/8.x/otrs-2.0.1-01.i386.rpm
c55984abe7cd3ab10bcb8676ce4b0434 RPMS/suse/9.0/otrs-2.0.1-01.i386.rpm
e86ec1aaa036bf9e0025023e21467e9c RPMS/suse/9.1/otrs-2.0.1-01.i386.rpm
2d4ce41cbc3ef623abfbf68ca2c30635 RPMS/redhat/7.x/otrs-2.0.1-01.i386.rpm
41ebb9bcbed95dee50634592606dc038 RPMS/redhat/8.0/otrs-2.0.1-01.i386.rpm
d8a947fa8ecb72e09036be2748f4f47c SRPMS/suse/7.3/otrs-2.0.1-01.src.rpm
5b8f989a59b39563fe6720e95ab7129e SRPMS/suse/8.x/otrs-2.0.1-01.src.rpm
86ed7ae82285b8f76b4b0bf08dc9041e SRPMS/suse/9.0/otrs-2.0.1-01.src.rpm
b2d3e12bbfc092dcba3a7ef0003fd105 SRPMS/suse/9.1/otrs-2.0.1-01.src.rpm
e47e9e390b616830ebd96e7f5fdea59e SRPMS/redhat/7.x/otrs-2.0.1-01.src.rpm
d8da4f4a9bfdfd0528c7ce7f12c4e7fd SRPMS/redhat/8.0/otrs-2.0.1-01.src.rpm
f9817856dc0e8752e8325478d72b7e14 otrs-2.0.1-01.tar.gz
a78856e21aeee8096d6836a9c2f82e40 otrs-2.0.1-01.tar.bz2

Important for Upgrading:
For those folks who are using OTRS 1.3 and want to upgrade to 2.0
please read the UPGRADING and INSTALL files.

PS: 80% of all config settings are renamed in OTRS 2.0, so most of the
Kernel/Config.pm settings will not be compatible.

http://bugs.otrs.org/ (Thanks!)

We want to say “thank you” to the OTRS community! :)

Have a lot of fun!

Stefan Rother

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