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I was born in 1977 in the 46,000-inhabitant town of Straubing (Bavaria, Germany).

In elementary school I had my doubts about the point of a few of my subjects.

So I started picking up knowledge seemed useful to me and passed it on to my classmates.

In secondary school my passion for computers and networks kicked in.

In my spare time I networked municipal institutions and companies, set up their email accounts and combined them with the “WordWideWeb” for the first time.

Although the mayor didn't entirely see the point, I developed a city portal, digitized the local phone book and set up a search function.

When I turned 15, I totally dropped the dream of becoming a cop.

Maybe now I'd get into exciting undercover work and hunt down the bad guys....

Besides, my big sister had actually become a real-life cop.

While I was training to be a radio and TV technician I gave classes in Linux.

At SUSE Linux, I developed software and became a code monkey, shunning the light of day.

After that I developed software for Lufthansa. Even though you'll almost never see me sitting on a plane.

One thought got a hold of me and wouldn't let go: What if I could develop something that would suddenly make life easier for lots of users? Could I develop something that could hold a candle to SAP?
... And what's more:
Can a piece of software make the world a better place?

Yes, to all of the above. On November 2, 2001, I started to write the first lines of code for OTRS.

In 2002, on March 11, I released the first official release of OTRS (OTRS 0.5 beta1).

In 2003, I did my first business consultation with OTRS, by replacing ARS Remedy with OTRS 1.0 for Deutsche Wertpapierservice Bank AG (the biggest custody account instrument in Germany).

I proved that OTRS could actually make money.

My faith in OTRS was as strong as ever. I met a lot of entrepreneurs and service providers.

In late 2003, I cofounded OTRS GmbH to provide commercial services for OTRS.

In 2004 I won First Place in the "Open Source Best Practices Award" given by the Fraunhofer Institut in the category “public range” for the HelpDesk solution with OTRS adopted by the German city of Mühlheim an der Ruhr.

After the massive tsunami disaster of 2005, OTRS was deployed to handle the numerous requests from victims and survivors.

It was a moving moment for me and a confirmation that we were doing the right thing.

Just this one case made all the years of work I'd put into OTRS worth it.

In 2005, the open source business world changed. It got out that NASA was using OTRS.

From then on, open source business solutions were well accepted and no one could anymore doubt that this business module really worked.

In 2007 the service company OTRS GmbH finally moved to OTRS AG.

In 2013 my daughter was born. She has profoundly changed my view of the world.

In 2016 I started another open source project with Zammad.

What I work on


finding solutions

What drives me

Software should inspire with simplicity and make life easier.

I offer transparency and genuine assistance.

New demands call for new solutions.

I'm ready to find them.

I want to prove to the world that today, in , in the era of the Cloud and SaaS, open source is possible as a viable business model.

I believe in the power of Open Source, in the power of iterative processes and common development and that we can all learn from each other.

I love getting new inputs and suggestions and invite you to work together with me to make things happen.

Just contact me.
Martin Edenhofer

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