I’m back! ;)

After one year of not being able (or let’s say allowed) to do what I want to do, I’m finally free and back again.

Sorry for not responding to all messages of people who asked me for help or even just added a blog comment.

I’m looking forward to do new great and awesome things! You really will enjoy it.

Enjoy this summer like I do! In case, just come over to talk about interesting new stuff, do photography sessions or just cruise (with me) through the german nature.

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OTRS is turning 9!

OTRS is turning 9! The OTRS community is excited to bring you nine consecutive days celebrating the 9th birthday of OTRS.

The slogain is “9 Days of OTRS – every day a new extra”.

From March 10th 2011 till March 18th 2011 the community announce every day a new story/post/extension/announcement about OTRS.

I hope you will also find some interesting items for you.

Special thanks to the OCB (OTRS Community Board) for celebrating this event!

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#wp10 – The crowd power – Wikipedia

10 years ago Jimmy Wales started Wikipedia with the basic idea to give free access to free information. Today it’s the biggest Encyclopedia with over 16.9 million articles in 276 languages and over 1.2 million community editors donating free content.

The german magazine “Die Zeit/The Time” writes in the latest magazine “Das größte Werk der Menschen/The biggest work done by people”.

And it’s true. It’s amazing what the knowledge of a large group of people working honorarily can do combined via a wiki. It’s just an unbelievable idea witch was born 10 years ago.

What are the key points of the unbelievable success?

  • Place to live: give a place, a home, a platform for all the knowledge to live
  • Community: give the possibility to get involved easily, give the control to the actors
  • Useful for everyone: publicly accessible, free for use by all

A great idea to release control to all users (editors, donors and supporters), as opposed to a singularity, to contribute and control to reach the global goal to create the biggest knowledge medium on this planet. Respect!

Some pictures of the #wp10 party in Berlin on January the 15th 2010 which I took:

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Horst Braeuner: Communication with OTRS in the administration

Today I found a nice talk from Horst Braeuner (Stadt Schwäbisch Hall) at OpenExpo in 2010.

It’s in german but really nice and useful to get inspired how you can use OTRS.

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Falling in love – right time

Dear Reader,

if you found the right time to fall in love, just do it.

The feeling and the power you get is unbelievable! I hope that everyone out there can enjoy this as I can do this with Elisa!

Just some impressions (taken with my Nikon D90) which I want to show you. Hopefully you can take this to get some inspirations for your life in this coold winter times! ;)

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Web Design Index 9 – A whole bunch of inspirations!

Today I got my first edition of the famous Web Design Index. A really wonderful source of ideas and inspirations for state of the art web design.

Being able to browse through about 350 “color-coded” high glossy pages of hundreds of websites categorized by color is a nice way to enjoy and see what’s going on out there.

Check it out at http://www.webdesignindex.org/ or at amazon.com.

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Building OTRS 3.0 – first stable – done!

Today we created the first stable release of OTRS 3.0 which will be available on Monday the 18th of November 2010. 2 weeks earlier then schedule.

We started to work on OTRS 3.0 in last quarter of 2007. It’s a wonderful feeling to see what the final result is!

At this point, many thanks to all OTRS 3.0 contributers and the strong beta testing community!

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OTRS Team Event in Barcelona, Spain

This weekend a Team building event in Barcelona, Spain with the whole OTRS Group took place.

A group of over 60 people did participate on the successful event.

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